Free Rent-To-Own Application

This is NOT an application for a loan.  The following is a basic personal and financial profile. Completing this application in no way obligates you to use our services and there is no charge for this application.  You can submit your application online by:

  • completing the fields in the below form (by typing your information below and clicking “Submit Application”, you are attesting to the fact that you are the person named in the application and the data contained in the fields below  is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge); OR
  • PRINT THIS PAGE (press “Ctrl+P”), complete the information manually, then scan/email to or fax to 480-223-5473.

Tenant Buyer Questionnaire

Tenant Buyer Questionnaire 2


  1. Employment Verification
  2. Rental History Verification
  3. Credit Check and Evalution
  4. Criminal Background Check
  5. Verify Personal References

If your application is selected and pre-approved by Property Owner, applicant(s) is required to deposit the below stated minimum funds into escrow to cover background check(s), rental history verification(s), and any other final checks & verifications deemed necessary or recommended:

  • $60.00 minimum escrow deposit for the 1st applicant, $55.00 for each additional applicant.
    • For Rent-To-Own Applicants, these funds will count towards your lease-option transaction (i.e. NO application fee). 
    • For Straight Rent-Only applicants, this is an application FEE and does NOT count towards security deposit and/or 1st month’s rent.
  • Any funds submitted would be forfeited in the event you withdraw your application or if said reports are deemed un-approvable for an OFFICIAL and FINAL approval by the Property Owner. Upon submitting payment you grant authorization for said report(s) to be pulled.
  • This is NOT an application for a loan.

Please note: All information on this application is held STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and will NOT be shared outside of  Casa Preservation, LLC or and/or their Agents (which may include third party services to complete the above stated verifications), the Rent-To-Own Property Owner to which the applicant seeks approval, and those listed on this document as references or verification contacts. This does not apply to any information submitted that is found to be false, purposefully incorrect, fraudulent, dishonest or misleading.